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 Burway Rowing Club

President - elect



Paul Woodward - captain@burwayrowingclub.co.uk

Secretary & Entries

Jim Mathieson - secretary@burwayrowingclub.co.uk


Amanda Matthews - treasurer@burwayrowingclub.co.uk

Membership Secretary

 - membership@burwayrowingclub.co.uk

Racing Secretary

Peter Hague - racingsecretary@burwayrowingclub.co.uk

Safety Officer

Clive Morris - safety@burwayrowingclub.co.uk

Welfare Officer

Sarah Thompstone - welfare@burwayrowingclub.co.uk

Development Officer

Geoff Pattinson - development@burwayrowingclub.co.uk

Committee Members

Rob Thompstone - House Steward

Hugh Thomas

Ruth Pollard

Murry Litvak

Junior Rep


Officers of Burway Rowing Club

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